about us


We are using an unique software which has features that guarantees a high-quality result. Have your announcements and events delivered by professional voiceovers with characteristics using a dynamic channel for your retailers to promote their products. 


We live in a world filled with sight attractions and even more attention is put to the visuals and special effects leaving the world of sounds disregarded and untouched.


Hearing is one of the primal sense organs that we humans have. Studies have shown that creating a lively atmosphere can enhance your customers’ shopping experience significantly. We are specialists when it comes to tailoring an inspiring and relaxing soundscape.


Mall Media Player is also at the forefront of development by using artificial intelligence, AI.


What’s new?


*No more audio production and voiceovers. Everything is transferred straight from copy to audio by the mall’s own marketing.


*The mall has the software under their own control. 


*AI technology ensures that the audio quality and sound is always in balance.


*Shopkeepers can either send their copy to the mall’s marketing department or create the ads themselves easily.


*Generating a playlist with AI, to avoid overlapping ads if the playlist has several commercials in one block.


*AI is able to choose ads based on the content of the copy. 




We deliver and maintain our software platform for our partners through our servers. Our customers can order and distribute their ads and also handle financial transactions.


We can specify the day and times of the day you wish the ad to be aired. Send us the copy for your ad and we will take care of the rest. We can help out creating the most effective copy for you. 


We provide a fully schedulable and customizable messaging service for your mall. It is a very cost-effective solution for announcing your brand or service to potential customers.


Studies have shown that happy people tend to buy more.

Sound has an enormous impact on mood and desire for shopping. 

Mall Media Player provides the complete audio package.

Media Player

System description:

The name of the system is Mall Media Player

Each environment is completely its own entity. The database has no connections to other environments and can be developed separately according to the needs of the environment. 

The system consists of a server application that is located in the cloud and a player application that is located on the PC used to play advertisements. Player machines can be one or more in one shopping center as needed. Advertisements are downloaded to player machines from the server from which they are played. (No streaming)

The application is used from the server application’s user interface, where everything from settings to running the ad in the desired shopping centers is defined. The Player machine/machines do not have any graphical user interface.

Server Application:

The core of the application is a database that is kept on a cloud server. It has a built-in user interface, which is also on the same server. The user interface is used with an internet browser and currently full support is for the Chrome browser.

The parts of the server application are divided into six different areas in the user interface and they are Users, Shopping Centers, Customers, Campaigns, Adjust Volume and Settings.