Our Goal

Audio advertising in malls can be heard in all the public spaces, corridors, parking spaces, entrances and event squares. Audio advertising reaches customers visiting the center and its purpose is, among other things, to increase the store’s awareness, to tell about current products, offers, events and news.


Nearly one in three consumers who have heard of audio advertising in shopping centers bought products or services based on the audio ad, went shopping, received shopping tips or searched for more information.


We have been engaged in audio advertising for over 25 years and have, in particular, extensive experience in a very successful Finnish company working in this field, overseeing 70 shopping centers in Finland with 1,000 audio ads per week.


Our goal is to provide audio advertising for retailers and find background music for the mall that meets all its requirements.


Research shows that 32% of consumers actively respond to audio advertising by purchasing goods or learning more about a product or service (Kantar TNS 2017, Finland). Our new business model guarantees the results mentioned above. 


We know how to make audio advertising work and fit its purpose.