Questions and answers

1.- Terms and conditions of the eventual contract. A partnership and mall contract draft can be provided. Those contracts will need supplements and specific details to be agreed on.


2.- Examples (audio) of messages displayed in Malls, if possible, in Spanish and if not at least in English.

We can provide Spanish audio ads as examples. They are done in accents requested. 


3.- According to your presentation, you can provide the production; Would that be in Spanish for the client? Do they have translators? Would the recording be in Spanish? Or how does that of production work?

Yes. In the beginning and during the test period we can provide productions in Spanish. Later when there are more malls and commercial business having more ads, the production should be done locally.


4.- You also mention an application that must be downloaded: what are the requirements? Is it for Windows? Or could it be Linux or Max? Could it be for iPhone or Android mobile? At the moment there is no applicalition. It is the next step in our software deveplement. Now we have an online interface where all the malls, shops and orders can be uploaded and handled in our software. Including downloading reports about what ads have been played and in which mall.


5.- Regarding the application; Is there any training on this? could we take it? MMP will provide training and consulting for the local admin and sales personnel.


6.- You talk about a couple of upgrades per year for new features; Do you have a roadmap that you could share with us about the new features that you hope to include in the next upgrades? We can provide a roadmap about future developments by our technical team. See attachment.


7- From a marketing point of view, it would be convenient if you explained more in detail. We can have an online meeting (Meet, Teams or Zoom) and go thoroughly through the whole process.


8- What are the differentiators of the MMP solution against other SaaS providers, with clear examples and success stories, mentioning places where this solution has been implemented. We have had experiences and success stories mainly in Finland. Attached you can find some case studies from brands and Citycon LTD which is one of the major mall owners in the Nordics. Also we have the Kantar study from 2017 showing customers reactions in audio advertising. Our SaaS software is specifically tailored for this purpose and it is unique in this way. Ot is more than a software/player and has many features to serve our customers needs. 


9- What benefits our partners, and its employees offer when promoting your products and services? For the mall owners and malls themselves=> results from successful shopkeepers having more customer flow to their shops and thus increasing their income => able to pay more rent => and a revenue share for the malls. Also customers visiting the mall are satisfied from hearing proper background music and useful, high quality audio ads with the latest information about sales, new shops and events in the mall. They spend more time in mall and this leads to more purchases.


10- Please clarify what our role would be, knowing that the application provider will only have to give an access code to the application services in the cloud, the provider will keep a monthly control, or every quarter or year of their use, of course previously with the costs established in an agreement or contract. The role of an agent who has made contacts possible with either local admins or mall owners has to make a deal and contract with MMP separately. MMP otherwise has a direct partnership contract with the local admin in each country or region.


11- In the presentation, we don’t see your commercial strategy of the partner or reseller if that were the case or of the local distributor or promoter. The strategy for our local admin(partner) is to first contact the mall owners or malls directly. After having an agreed contract with them, start contacting the shopkeepers and offer them a one month free trial. After the pricing of the ads are agreed with the mall, then they can begin selling the ads having, for example, a copy content of a basic brand campaign that can be aired any time of the year. Later other content can be naturally produced weekly or whenever the shopkeepers have sales or special campaigns to promote. The local admin can invoice all shopkeepers individually and then give the mall a fixed revenue (e.g.5%-15%) to be invoiced quarterly. The mall itself can promote their events and opening hours free of charge.